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Where will my child's School Bus Stop be? 
Would you like to know where your child will be picked up and dropped off by the school bus and the company responsible for his or her busing? 
Click here to use the online stop finder tool! 

How does Full-Day Kindergarten work? 
Ontario's Full Day Kindergarten and Check out the Globe & Mail's article 

What were the results of May's EQAO assessments?
Check out: EQAO's website


    Student Registration Packages

    Request and Consent for Administration of Medication

    Policies & Procedures

    Code of Conduct

    Progressive Discipline Policy
    Bully Prevention & Intervention

    Snow Day Procedure

    Cold Weather Guidelines

    Peer Mediation

    PALS Program

    Sports Teams and School Spirit

    Parent Fact Sheet- Lockdown

    School Supplies

    Concussion Awareness

    A Parent's Guide to Special Education

    -all fruits and vegetables
    -bumble berry granola bars and any other bars that have chocolate or chocolate chips in them
    -most chocolate desserts
    -All forms of crackers, rice cakes, chips (except above mentioned or cinnamon flavoured)
    -apple sauce that is mixed with other fruit or explicitly says in the ingredients that it is only apples
    -oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
    -Cereals: Life, Cheerios, Lucky Charms, most Mini Wheats,  any that don’t list spices as an ingredient

    Applesnax Organic Unsweetened Applesauce - COSTCO

    (note: not in snack packs, just spoon and serve into your preferred food safe container)

    Kirkland Soft & Chewy Chocolate Chip Granola Bars - COSTCO

    Arrowroot Cookies

    Fontaine Santé brand Hummus, Fontaine Santé brand 3 bean salad and Fontaine Santé brand  parsley Tabbouleh salads are safe - I checked with company. Sold at Costco, Metro, Ross’s Independant


    FSL Homework Toolbox 

    Tout Petits Tele Quebec




    Radio Canada

    French Language Guide 

    DSO Kids
    (exploring music)

    SFS Kids
    (San Francisco Symphony Kids site - hear, learn and have fun with music)

    Art Project - Tour Around the World

    Funbrain Math

    A Maths Dictionary

    Ask Dr. Math

    Cool Math

    Math Frog

    Nelson Math

    Virtual Math Manipulatives

    Fact Monster

    AAA Math

    Maths Zone


    Khan Math


    IXL Math

    Math is Fun

    Grade 5 Math

    Toon University

    That Math Quiz

    Math Fact Cafe

    Mah Magician

      How Stuff Works

    Canadian Science and Technology Museum

    Animal Planet

    Bill Nye the Science Guy

    Cool Science

    Discover Kids

    Khan Science

    TVO Kids

    National Geographic

    Education Place

    Online Basic Skills Games

    Primary Games

    Funbrain Games & Activities


    (Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts & Creative Arts)

    Mr. Nussbaum
    (Math, English, Science, History)

    BBC Bitesize

    (English, Math, Science)

      Typing Game

    Dancemat Typing

    Keyyboarding Games
    Create a Comic Strip

    Media Literacy and 21st Century Learning

    Media Literacy and Current Events


    Interactive Story Plan

    Into the Book

    Mighty Books

    Reading at Home


    StarFall Learn to Read

    Spelling City

    Story Planner

    Word Central